Happy ending after all…

Its been over seven weeks now since I returned to London to start second year at University . I remember having THAT feeling of accomplishment and feeling remarkably proud of myself when I arrived in Poplar Station in London.
Yes, I know , it may sound a little bizarre but there is a reason for that. On my last day in London before the summer vacation I promised myself that this wont be my last day in London . I could not be 100 % certain that I will be back and will continue my studies as I had one whole module to resit in the summer .thumb_IMG_0257_1024
It was not easy task to accomplish , in fact it was quite challenging . Working in a busy pub , working split shifts that would often become a ridicules long 12 hour straight shifts often without a day off and having a surgery to remove fistula in my bottom ( I know , not very glamorous ) it was not helping to actually get anything done towards the resits. But somehow I have managed to do the work and pass all my resits.

The best of all was when my one of my lecturers who guided and help me with resits process sent my a txt msg in the morning saying that the grades has been released and I passed them all ! I could not contain my happiness and sense of relief that its over ,  I have passed and that I am moving back to London !

L xxx